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Plan for Simple Combat

By El Profesor

4 min readFeb 22, 2022

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Ahoy readers! Another week, another time to ponder out the new alpha dropped. Though the patch itself from last Valentine’s week was a bit lackluster qua gameplay, some information leaked during ETHDenver, gives us a sneak peek on the short-term and long-term view on Combat.

Let’s Review:

Highlight here is “simplified tournament where it will be stat based and it will be a best of 7 match”.

I’m very curious how important Green & Blue stat is going to be in the upcoming Land tournament.

In the short-term, it seems Subclass has a minor to no-role while mid-long term it can make sense to have some synergy between Class & Sub-class.

Three models for Simplified Tournaments

Please note that below is a way of looking/preparing for these Tournaments. Please reference back to Hero Base Stats — DeFi Kingdomsat all times.

1. The Sum-everything-up Tourney

What: Sum all current stats a hero has a one-size-fits-all approach.

How is combat designed here; Either it is a simple difference check to evaluate who has the better stat or the total sum is assigned to a RNG whereby the higher numbers have a percentual better chance to “roll a hit/KO/TKO/Win”.

Likelihood: The shorter the deadline and the more complicated other battle systems are, the higher likely this will be adopted. For now I might see it as a fallback solution.

2. The one-skill only Tourney

What: Different tourneys are designed based on one single stat of a Hero. So a DEX-tourney will most likely feature Archers, Ninja, Warriors, Pirate, Dreadknights.

How is combat designed here; If your DEX is higher than your opponent, you win! Or a x/[x+y] calculative approach.


I really hope this is a trap because this is way too simple and makes me bearish as Heroes on the Rankings page of DefiToy will be instant winners. Also if it is like this, there is no reason to have a best-of-7 tournament.

3. The weighted-contributed Tourney

What: Either multiple the top X or every current stat with the growth rate of the Hero.

Take this Wizard for instance

== 35.3 points of statistics

How is combat designed here; From here you can either battle directly (simple) towards rolling a RNG die ( a bit more luck based ). Alternatively one can pile the statistics in two piles; defense & offense and battle your offense versus their defense & vice-versa.

Likelihood: I really hope something like this would be their preferred way.

4. Tie-breakers; Green & Blue stat

How do Blue & Green come into play here? I possibly think they can either give a one-time boost again to the stats of a Hero.

Or whenever there is a close tie-break (maybe a range as well), the one with the ‘’best’’ green stat wins.

I think these will be minor at first and/or properly communicated but won’t think they will have a significant advantage in combat versus advanced abilities & a proper skill-tree combination.

5. Summing it all up

This Wednesday, we will get to know more in Cumberdale’s AMA. I predict some of the elements above will be taken into consideration and sincerely hope these land tournaments are going to be relatively balanced & fair.

Then again the use of steroids ( Atonement Crystals and possible potions ) are perfectly legal but all I can say, I’m looking forward to both me finishing my battle formations article for when real combat is released as well as this AMA.

Also perhaps in terms of prototyping (A/B testing anyone?), they run different types of tournaments with a little mathematical twist. Let’s say we could be the guinea pigs in all of this.

In any case, let’s wait and see this week — get your popcorn ready!