First Gambling Tournament

I am happy to say the FIRST Guild gambling tournament (BETA) is about to start. (Please read well this post for further details:)

What is this tournament about?

II. Where can I join and play?

III. What are the requirements to participate in the tournament?

IV. What’s the mission to win the tournament?

V. Until when will the tournament remain open to join?

VI. Other Tournament Mechanics?

VII. More information?

  1. You need to understand this is a “BETA” tournament so it’s exposed to flaws and issues, you accept joining in the tournament at your own risk with the knowledge that it could be affected, exploited, or canceled due to unpredictable circumstances.
  2. “Kanye coin” is a coin created only for fun, without any other value than romantic, and is not stored or recorded anywhere, after every tournament all the coins will be destroyed.
  3. Kanye coin can not be purchased or traded by any means and is invaluable. It can only be awarded to those who purchase a ticket entrance for the tournament.

More rules or annotations are yet to come.

Please feel free to report your feedback during the beta!



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