First Gambling Tournament

3 min readJan 27, 2022

I am happy to say the FIRST Guild gambling tournament (BETA) is about to start. (Please read well this post for further details:)

What is this tournament about?

It’s a gambling tournament where players will be able to play up to 4 different gambling games:
+ Dice
+ Roulette
+ Guess the number
+ Paper, Rock Scissors

The 3 winners of the Tournament will be awarded with:
- 1st:
1000 $ONE
- 2nd:
500 $ONE
- 3nd:
500 $ONE
(Plus The prize pool for every prize will increase every day after the first 24 hours with a 20% of every ticket sold added selectively to the rewards)

(Prizes will be updated every day)

II. Where can I join and play?

In the 0xG Guild Discord
in the #gambling-tournament channel

III. What are the requirements to participate in the tournament?

1.Buying an entrance ticket in to participate and be awarded with Kanye Coins:

You can buy 3 types of Ticket Entrances:
+ Gold (Awards 100 Kanye coins)
+ Silver (Awards 50 Kanye coins)
+ Copper (Awards 10 Kanye coins)

2. Share your Token ID/Link with a screenshot of your purchased ticker with your username in the channel or DM Sejin with it in the Guild’s Discord

3. Use your Kanye coins to play games In the channel using the available commands with the croupier Bot```

IV. What’s the mission to win the tournament?

Accumulate and earn as many Kanye Coins as possible by winning games. You can check anytime the server's coin holders in the mentioned channel with the command /richest. The top 3 players with more coins when the contest is over will be classified as winners.

V. Until when will the tournament remain open to join?

The tournament will be running until January 30 (Sunday) at 23:59/11:59pm on UTC. At that moment the top 3 Kanye holders will be classified as winners.

VI. Other Tournament Mechanics?

Players can use the Kanye coins to participate in games but also they can access the shop and buy items and roles with the command /shop and /buy (a bot will give instructions)

There are available 2 NFT in the shop with usability:
+ Amateur Gambler Certification (allows players to use the /daily command to get extra daily kanye coins)
+ Pro Gambler Certification (allows players to use the /work command to get extra kanye points every 8 hours)

VII. More information?

  1. You need to understand this is a “BETA” tournament so it’s exposed to flaws and issues, you accept joining in the tournament at your own risk with the knowledge that it could be affected, exploited, or canceled due to unpredictable circumstances.
  2. “Kanye coin” is a coin created only for fun, without any other value than romantic, and is not stored or recorded anywhere, after every tournament all the coins will be destroyed.
  3. Kanye coin can not be purchased or traded by any means and is invaluable. It can only be awarded to those who purchase a ticket entrance for the tournament.

More rules or annotations are yet to come.

Please feel free to report your feedback during the beta!