A proposal for a solution to the Defikingdoms current situation.

4 min readApr 30, 2022
With bachelors in journalism and arts and expertise in advertising, Domino (AKA SEJIN) is deeply committed and involved in a vast number of projects in the Art and the Gaming scene in the blockchain while breathing and living excited in the HARMONY ONE Network. Besides their work as a 2D Game concept and character designer, Domino leads the 0xG gaming Guild with more than 500 active members. https://twitter.com/SejinDoesArt

As a GM of the 0xG guild and because of the care many of us have towards this game this is mycontribution in the form of a proposal that being accepted by the team and backed by right reputed individuals we consider could bring the project back to the good space where it belongs

1. DFK Team Dox.

In front of any team in a situation that involves criminal actions, abuse, exploiting, or fraud, doxing is the first and only step that gives sense and opens a door to any other possibility towards recovery since doxing is a proof of fact about acquiring real responsibilities and risk over their actions.

But doxing is not always welcome, since if someone has been involved in illegal or fraudulent activities, for them doxing would mean having to confront their past actions and perhaps have to pay for them. So since a very strong opposition from some individuals might be expected versus the idea of Doxing. Whoever does not want to dox in this critical situation should be only offered to step back from the project.

2. Funds in the wallet.

The wallet holding the liquidity that wallet must be locked, removed from earning rewards, and added forever to the funds of the project as an eternal backup on its liquidity. The idea is to display to the community that no one will have ever a chance of exploiting the project funds anymore.

3. Verifying project contracts

DFK has hidden contracts that allow some bad actors to manipulate it and create unknown exploits. All the contracts in DFK should be made public and verified, and about anyone considering a risk of the project being cloned that should be totally fine.
In a decentralized space, a project is not based on code is based on trust, many projects are open and have been forked a massive amount of times, and the originals still continue more than well.

Forking code and creating a whole project with a big community and making it successful are very different things. I would say having verified contracts would give a very high degree of trust, it would make the project become a reference in the whole blockchain and even would help the development of others. And meanwhile, the project is well leaded and cared for, at the end of the day, no one can fork the continuous development, the creativity, and the new ideas coming up every day

4. About Auditing the activity and identity of everyone in the team

This is a must. To identify possible bad actors, having a third party audit the team and doing deep research on the activity done is the only way to find out if there are more people involved. The team does not need to stop their activity during the process, they can continue working and just attend to the needs of the party doing the audit when required for it in the investigation. We could ask assistance from the network for an investigation team.

5. Responsibility of the project

Right now Frisky Fox cant remain in control of the project and should remain as a simple guest until the investigation is completed. He should not have access to code/funds. Someone else should take his place and maybe should not be just one individual but a group of them to make sure every one of them watches each other.

We could even ask for assistance on this temporary replacement to very well reputed individuals in the network. No need to mention names now but we all know well-reputed people related to the project and the network who could be part of a board leading and reviewing the project until everything is decided and solved.

6. Controlling upgradable contracts

Upgradable contracts could be verified and modifications could be included behind a timelock so no one can modify them without being caught doing it.

7. About this idea

To make this happen, a group of individuals and representatives in the networks could back up the DFK project behind these requirements and then use their reputation and name, and identity in the network to back up it and bring trust again. These people would become a bridge between the community and the team and the network, making sure that the community involved is well listened to and cared for.

Becoming a neutral ground and a positive force to give people back what they have lost: Trust. Of course, the requirements should be full accomplished since the people involved in the initiative would be putting their own reputations at risk

This is the 0xG Contribution that we have the will to bring to reality if it counts with the acceptance of the proposal by the DFK team on its requirements.